Friday, September 2, 2011

An Introduction

Welcome to From New Eden To Earth.  I'm starting this new blog because I really want to keep my gaming blog, The Nosy Gamer, away from U.S. politics unless the subject specifically impacts the online gaming industry.  Lately I have had troubles with this since the real world is beginning to closely resemble New Eden, the virtual world I call my home away from home.

New Eden is the name of the world created by the Icelandic company Crowd Control Productions (CCP) in their science fiction massively multi-player role playing game Eve Online.  These modern day space Vikings have a dream to turn their game into the ultimate sci-fi space simulator.  Although they have hit a rough patch with their player base lately, they are succeeding.  That's the problem.

Why is CCP succeeding a problem?  Because New Eden is a dark and dangerous place.  That is fine for a place I spend a few hours a week, but a problem when the real world starts taking on the same characteristics.  So instead of ranting and raving on my gaming blog, I'll just point out some amusing (or maybe some not so amusing) similarities between my virtual world and the real one.

I would like to point out that drawing parallels between virtual worlds and the real world is not new.  A whole area of academic study has grown up on the topic.  For examples of deep thought on the subject, visit Terra Nova.  But the mainstream media, or at least the BBC, has also covered the antics of Eve players.  From the dissolution of the Band of Brothers to interviewing CCP's in-game economist, actions within the game have made the news.  So why not go all the way and explore how much this "sci-fi" simulation reflects what we see in the real world?

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